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GEO University offers high quality online self paced courses. Started from one course in September 2017, we currently have more than 49 courses across many domains of GIS and Earth Observation
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What will you get? Not only courses! We also provide you with a set of tools to kick-start your education path!

  • Access to all our courses and materials

    With our GEO Premium subscription you can access all our contents and courses.

  • More than 49 online courses with Certificates of Completion

    We constantly add new courses so you can get the most out our GEO Premium subscription.

  • Learn from the best instructors in their fields

    We have a vibrant community of instructors that is constantly growing. All instructors are professionals or academics and experts in the courses they teach.

  • Career Advice related online courses

    Want to start working in the fields of remote sensing and/or GIS or maybe want to evolve your career? No problem! We have the online courses you need!

  • Linux VM download with pre-installed software to used along with the online courses

    We have created a virtual machine (VM) that includes some of the most common open-source software related to geospatial applications. It is oriented only for educational purposes and it is provided along with the GEO Premium subscription, so that the student can have all the required software for the online courses’ follow-up.

  • Get 5 processing hours (valid for 2 weeks) for FREE with GEO Premium at EO-VLab platform

    Extremely advanced, user friendly platform allowing to perform a wide range of activities aimed at (but not limited to) EO data processing in different dimensions and models, built mostly upon advanced Hexagon Geospatial M.App Enterprise solution

  • Get 14 days FREE CloudSigma cloud resources

    You get a pre-configured Virtual Machine with direct access in the satellite repository of CloudSigma and pre-installed geospatial software to start working right away!

  • Get 7 days FREE the TimeCaster geospatial service from cloudeo

    Knowing “when your ship comes in” can literally swing time-sensitive markets, with billions of Dollars’ worth of goods crossing the oceans at any time. Fleet operators, commodity investors, even insurance companies and regulators, need seamless updates about ship location and route forecasting.

  • Nextmap link planning - Two FREE profiles for one week

    Using the geoservice NEXTMap Link Planning of cloudeo, customers can leverage the best available NEXTMap datasets to assess their point-to-point microwave and millimeter wave wireless products.

  • Nextmap analytics value - FREE 5 values for one week!

    The geoservice NEXTMap Analytics – Value by cloudeo provides precise information at any point in the world.

  • Get 5 FREE elevation profiles for one week from Nextmap Analytics - Profile, by cloudeo

    The geoservice NEXTMap Analytics – Profile provides quick and easy access to terrain profiles anywhere on the globe. Based on Intermap analytics and NEXTMap foundation data the profiles are highly accurate and reliable.

  • Get 7 days for FREE the Cloudeo Workbench and start processing geospatial data with the pre-installed software

    The cloudeo Workbench gives you pay-per-use access to a powerful virtual desktop configured for geoprocessing. You can connect through your browser and perform your remote sensing and GIS workflows with the same look and feel as in your current desktop environment.


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    No. We will never charge you automatically. When your subscription is ending, we will notify you in order to renew your subscription.

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    You can access all our courses during your active subscription. After the end of the period, you will need to renew your subscription in order to access the content of the courses.

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    No. By the time you perform the payment your subscription will be active for one year.

Virtual EO Lab by NewMap

Virtual Lab. Extremely advanced, user friendly platform allowing to perform a wide range of activities aimed at (but not limited to) EO data processing in different dimensions and models, built mostly upon advanced Hexagon Geospatial M.App Enterprise solution. After your GEO Premium purchase, within 2-3 working days your account at EO-VLab will be ready to use!
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CloudSigma Offer for GEO University Premium Learners

CloudSigma is one of the most customizable cloud providers on the market with a focus on open design and flexibility with regards to computing deployments. The cloud platform is designed to provide an environment with the same degrees of freedom that private in-house environments end-users might have are able to offer. All functionality is available via an API or the end-user WebApp.
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Cloudeo Offer to GEO University Premium Learners

Cloudeo provides to our premium learners the opportunity to use their geospatial services and better leverage the knowledge you get from our online courses. Cloudeo brings together all those who create, interpret and use geodata. Cloudeo team up with world-leading content and software providers contributing to an innovative geo-infrastructure that combines data, software, analytics and apps on a highly scalable IT.
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GEO University Virtual machine has pre-installed the following software

  • QGIS


  • ESA's SNAP toolbox

  • R and R-Studio

  • Spyder (Python 3.x)

  • Geoserver

  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS