Course Description

This course is for students that are interested in launch vehicles, rockets, space systems and their mathematic approach. It introduces the student to the key principles of launch vehicles and propulsion. Through a series of lessons and problem sets, the course aims to give an understanding on the fundamentals of Launch Vehicles and make Rocket Science attractive

Course curriculum

  1. 02
    • Lesson 2: Rocket Basics 1

    • Lesson 3: Rocket Basics 2

    • Quiz 1

  2. 03
    • Lesson 4: Staging

    • Bonus: Problem Solution!

  3. 04
    • Lesson 5: Fundamentals of Aerodynamics 1

    • Lesson 6: Fundamentals of Aerodynamics 2

    • Lesson 7: Fundamentals of Aerodynamics 3

    • Quiz 2

  4. 05
    • Lesson 8: Guidance, Navigation and Control 1

    • Lesson 9: Guidance, Navigation and Control 2

    • Lesson 10: Problem Solution

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Some of the skills you will acquire from taking this course are:

  • Principles of Launch Vehicles and Rockets

  • Staging theory for multi-stage rockets are explained

  • Rocket Propulsion principles

  • The fundamentals of Aerodynamics

  • The fundamentals of Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) of Space Systems

  • The mathematical approach of rocket basics

About your Instructor

Mr. Fotias is a Space Expert and Satellite Remote Sensing Specialist with specialty in Radar Remote Sensing (SAR). He graduated as a MEng in Informatics and Telecommunications Engineer in 2012, and MSc in Space Technology and Planetary Exploration in 2014 from University of Surrey. From his graduation till today he has work for several private and public entities related to Space, E/O and GNSS applications, participating in more than 15 RTD funded Projects. He currently works as a Project Manager in Worldwide, European R&D and Commercial Industry Projects. He is a motivated, enthusiast and results-oriented professional in Satellite Remote Sensing (high level of technical competence and ability in SAR theory, applications and general image) with expertise in radar processing algorithms. He has more than 5 years experience in geospatial and remote sensing analysis. Well versed in quantitative analytical research, particularly with ESRI ArcGIS suite and ENVI. Expertise in advanced satellite imaging processing, interpretation, land cover mapping, agriculture applications, time-series analysis, and land use and land cover change (LULC) analysis. He is also involved in managing a dynamic portfolio of Technological Innovation projects

Vasilis Fotias

Space Expert | Remote Sensing Specialist

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  • Under/post graduate students

  • Professionals and Companies

  • Master students and PhD candidates

  • Researchers and Academics

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