Why to use our digital Certificates?

  • Built for Sharing

    One-click sharing to social media and professional networking sites like LinkedIn help you get noticed for your achievements and skills learned through our online courses.

  • Smart & Dynamic

    Each Certificate of Completion has it's own web page, where everyone can see in details the skills that you acquired from the online courses, the course description and related job insights! Of course you can manage everything from privacy to visibility to better fit your needs.

You get our digital Certificate of Completion

Provided that you successfully finished a course

Universities, Companies and Associations that support our Certificates of Completion

  • CloudSigma
  • GeoCloud.Work
  • Space Specialists
  • cloudeo
  • sekee
  • AstriPolska
  • Creotech Instruments
  • NewMap
  • Planetek Italia
  • EOS
  • RST
  • Geopaiva


  • What is a Certificate of Completion?

    It is a proof that you have successfully finished a course in our online learning platform

  • When a Certificate of Completion is issued?

    Our certificates are issued only when you have successfully finished a course.

  • Where can I use the Certificates of Completion?

    You can use our digital certificates in many ways. Add them to your social profiles like LinkedIn. Add them to your CV. Share them to your network. Add them to your email signatures. Embed them to your personal/professional website.

  • I have successfully finished several courses. What happens then?

    Each course has its own Certificate of Completion. So you get as many certificates as the courses you finish.

  • Do Certificates of Completion expire?

    If not stated otherwise from the specific course, our Certificates of Completion do not expire.