Custom made Earth Observation apps

Apart from online courses, we provide our knowledge into practice. Do you need any service that requires Earth Observation practices? We can help you make it real! Learn more about our solution on Agro-Insurance, using satellite imagery in combination with Blockchain technology.

Custom made GIS software

Is your company/ organization in need of a GIS platform? Turn location-based information into a meaningful and easy to use system! Either you want to integrate it in your platform or into your web page, our team of GIS experts can help you achieve it!

Consulting - R&D

Do you have a disruptive idea that needs Earth Observation background? We happen to have in our team, experts on Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Thermal Remote Sensing, as well as on the domains of Agriculture, Agro-Insurance, Urban Applications, Land Cover/Land Use, Geology, Forestry, and Marine Environment! Contact us and let us know how we can help

Train your company

In case you want continuing education on GIS applications, Remote Sensing algorithms and techniques and Space technologies for you and your company, we've got you covered! We can provide you with exclusive online course packages according to your company's specialization, with full monitoring of the trainees' progress. Stay updated, fill in knowledge gaps, train your newest members, and thrive!

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