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My name is Dimitris Sykas and I’m the founder of the GEOUNIVERSITY OÜ. 

Just a couple of information about me, I'm a Remote Sensing and Surveying Engineer. I received my degree from NTUA in 2010, where I also received my Ph.D. in hyperspectral remote sensing in 2016. I started my career as a Researcher Associate and Teaching Associate in the Laboratory of Remote Sensing of NTUA, since 2010 and worked at Planetek Hellas as a Remote Sensing Expert and Geospatial Analyst. From the beginning of 2015 I was positioned as Senior Technical Specialist - EO Engineer. I have participated in more than 12 funded EU and ESA projects, have over 15 peer reviewed scientific publications in the field of Remote Sensing, and have an international patent in hyperspectral data compression.

GEO University is a registered Estonian company in Tallinn.

The name stands for: GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Earth Observation (GEO). Beside being incorporated, GEO University consists of a group of professionals and experts in their corresponding fields. We are dedicated to create and deliver our knowledge and solutions to students, professionals, decision makers and scientists who want to introduce or enhance their knowledge in these fields or even get a solution to their geospatial problem.

Our team of professionals and experts will guide you through the following topics:

  1. Geographical Information System (GIS)
  2. WebGIS
  3. Remote Sensing/Earth Observation
  4. Photogrammetry
  5. LiDAR
  6. Satellite Cloud Processing
  7. R and Python programming
  8. Data visualization

We are constantly adding new courses and new fields of expertise, so stay tuned!

Our courses vary from simple note collections, books (for people who have constrained time to study) to complete lectures with exercises, quizzes (for people who are willing to dive into and extract the maximum value from the course).

Our courses are not only basic the theoretical principles of each field, but we also create tutorial courses for specific open-source and commercial software. We constantly add and update courses so you get the best of experience!

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To maximize our student learning experience we are partnering with cloud service providers, Earth Observation adding value companies, GIS experts and many more.

Follow your dreams. You won’t regret it!

The path to becoming an expert in the geospatial industry takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem becoming one of the best. What are you waiting for?

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  • Just a laptop or desktop PC with internet

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  • Passion for learning is highly recommended

  • All courses are self paced. Start learning when you are ready

Why to learn with us?

  • High Quality Courses

    Online and always accessible. We see our courses as an investment you make for you, not another way to spend money All our courses are performed by passionate professionals in their fields

  • Based on Block-chain Certificates of Completion

    Want to show what you learned? All our courses come with Certificates of completion with NO extra cost! Add them to if you want your CV, LinkedIn profile

  • Available at any time Study at your best time

    Self paced courses. We know hard it is to acquire new skills. All our courses are self paced

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