Provide accuracy,validation,objectiveness and transparency to your customers.

Crop insurance is the farmer’s most important risk management tool. With uncertainty in crop production constantly looming, insurance is a safety net for the unpredictable. However, profit margins for agri insurance companies are becoming narrower over time due to insurers needing to react faster and more precisely to the volatility and advancements in agriculture.

eoBlockAI offers clients with advanced data and views of their fields, helping at the same time:

  • estimate the risk of insuring new customers with their crops,

  • understand the risk and generate scenarios for existing clients

  • prioritise the claims and assess damages remotely, while minimizing field inspections.

Earth Observation & Meteorology the key aspects

With the use of more than 30 years of Remote Sensing and meteorological data, eoBlockAI can help insurance companies calculate the possibility of occurrence of specific disaster events adjusted to the specific crop types being insured. Use it also to estimate your current portfolio risk

Advanced risk analysis through artificial intelligence

eoBlockAI core process is the AI modeling of the crop yield loss risk using Earth Observation & meteorological data. In this way, insurers are offered with cutting-edge added value information focused on their needs.

Orchestrated with Blockchain technology

Bundling blockchain technology with satellite images and meteorological data eoBlockAI offers the possibility to create standardised and customised insurance products, along with significant innovations to automate payouts, reduce transaction costs and claim cycles, enabled through blockchain. The blockchain based agro-insurance solution offers a different kind of crop insurance that’s both affordable and accessible to smallholder farmers at scale.

Project Funding

This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project Block.IS (grant agreement No 824509).