About cloudeo

cloudeo operates a unique, vendor independent, data agnostic market platform through which customers can obtain professional geoinformation services from leading national and international providers at low cost. Services include dedicated solutions for many industries; such as agriculture, urban and landscape planning, logistics, telecommunications, and water management. Customers are provided with high resolution imagery, 3D terrain models, thematic maps, and sensor data for a wide range of applications. All of which can be combined with a large selection of software packages, analytics and IT that facilitate the processing of these data. cloudeo makes it easy for partners to enter the market on a local, national or international basis. Our cloud-based platform empowers new business models while enabling production automation, delivery, and administration. For these reasons it is cost-effective, transparent and reliable.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Greetings from your personal virtual GEO University Instructor

  2. 02
    • Time Caster Geospatial service

  3. 03
    • ShowMySite Geospatial Service

  4. 04
    • Photomod and cloudeo Workbench

  5. 05
    • NextMap One As A Service

    • NextMap One Link Planing

    • NextMap One Analytics

    • NextMap As A Service - Golf course management application

  6. 06
    • Discuss with your personal virtual instructor


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About your Instructor

I am Head of Geo-Solutions at cloudeo which I first joined in 2016 as a GeoSystems Engineer. My current role is to lead, motivate, manage and develop a team of experts for providing high quality solutions and technical expertise to cloudeo. My day-to-day activities include project management, technical preparation and provision of geoservices to generate sales-ready products, technical presales, product trainings, customized solutions as well as onboarding and coaching. I received a Diploma in Physics from University of Crete in 2012 with main focus on environmental issues including environmental economics, global climate change and predictive modelling. In 2015, I received my M.Sc. in Sustainable Resource Management from the Technical University of Munich with fields of specialization in Remote Sensing, Image Processing and GIS. During these years, I worked as Research Assistant at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) where I dealt in depth with water remote sensing, bathymetry, LIDAR and hyperspectral airborne data, spectroscopy and more. Until now, I managed successfully multiple projects funded by the European Space Agency and German Aerospace Center. My main research and professional interests include the design and technical implementation of Micro-Geoservices on cloud-based platforms with high or full automation and the potential contribution of blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Dimitris Bellos

Head of Geo-Solutions