Course Description

Orthomosaic generation using Agisoft Metashape (Photoscan) is a complete software-oriented course that will guide you throughout the process of transforming a dataset of overlapping UAV images with corresponding referencing information, to a highly accurate orthomosaic map. Agisoft Photoscan/Metashape uses a highly automated workflow which helps non- experts become highly skilled quickly, while at the same time gives experienced users a wide variety of processing options so that they can enjoy highly customized photogrammetry products, according to their professional needs. Regardless of your level of familiarity, this course will go in depth into the mapmaking process and will provide you with flexible skills that go beyond the step by step memorization of software functions by connecting them with their respective scientific context

Course curriculum

  1. 01
  2. 02
    • Lesson 2: Setting up your hardware and software

    • Lesson 3: Preparing your data set/Importing Data and calibrating camera positions

  3. 03
    • Lesson 4: Matching images and building sparse point cloud

    • Lesson 5: Marker placing and editing

    • Lesson 6: Optimizing alignment and building the dense point cloud

    • Quiz 1

  4. 04
    • Lesson 7: Geometry and mesh editing

    • Lesson 8: Creating texture and DEM

  5. 05
    • Lesson 9: From DEM to orthomosaic

    • Lesson 10: Post processing options and possibilities

    • Quiz 2

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What will you learn?

  • Transformation of aerial photo data all the way to accurate photomosaics and DEMs of high accuracy

  • In depth knowledge of the cutting edge Photogrammetric software Agisoft Metashape

  • Science behind the software - Why you do everything you do

  • How to create spatial products like dense point clouds and mesh textures

  • Editing and adjusting your products to your project needs

  • Tips and ideas for post processing and further use of your maps

About your Instructor

I am a Geographer specialized in Geoinformatics and GIS and a certified professional UAV pilot and enthusiast. I received my degree in Geography from the university of the Aegean in 2004 and I obtained an MSc in Geoinformatics from the NTUA in 2009. Since then, I have been working at the private sector for more than 10 years as a GIS analyst for major technical companies in every part of the production process from field work up to team leading. I am also a professional UAV pilot licensed from the Greek civil aviation authority, specialized in aerial mapping. I am efficient in flying all types of professional (or not!) UAVs as well as working with Pix4d, Drone deploy and Agisoft photoscan software in order to produce orthomosaics and dense point clouds, DEMs and polygonal models which are my main research and professional interests at the moment. Among others, I frequently work with ArcGIS, AutoCAD map and QGIS and I follow a great passion for sharing aerial knowledge with anyone!

Panagiotis Gryllis

GIS Expert and certified professional UAV pilot

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