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Welcome everyone! If you are in the field of GIS/Remote Sensing, you are probably hearing everyone talking about Python and its usefulness in various GIS related tasks.

GIS and Remote Sensing are one of the most integrated fields combining skills from different areas such as Computer Science, Engineering, Geography, Mathematics, etc.

To become  a stronger and more competitive GIS professinal and to increase your value in the GIS industry you need to learn how to program. Python  is one of the most spreading programming languages in the IT world and with huge usability in the GIS/Remote Sensing field. You can find many articles mentioning why Python is the future of GIS and how you can get a more competitive salary just by learning how to use Python routines.

According to the IEEE Spectrum  ( Python is the top ranked programming language!

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Course Description

This  course isn't   so much about learning the basic principles of Python, but rather how  to integrate different spatial libraries and utilities  within your  Python code. Using the course material, you will learn how  to combine  different GIS/Remote Sensing Python Libraries and Packages,  like GDAL,  Numpy and OGR, to solve real life spatial problems!!

Start your Python Geospatial Development Journey with more than 200 pages with Python practical recipes, code examples or solutions explanation!!



  • Course Overview FREE TRIAL
  • Lesson 1: Installing the Packages FREE TRIAL

Working With Vector Data

  • Lesson 2: Reading and Writing Vector Data (30 pages with code examples)
  • Lesson 3: Geometries and Projections (28 pages with code examples)
  • Lesson 4: Analysis of Vector Data (28 pages with code examples)

Working With Raster Data

  • Lesson 5: Reading and Writing Raster Data (32 pages with code examples)
  • Lesson 6: Raster Algebra (26 pages with code examples)
  • Lesson 7: Raster Analysis and Processing (23 pages with code examples)

Command Line Utilities

  • Lesson 8: GDAL & OGR Command Line Recipes (29 pages with code examples)

Bonus Use Cases

  • Example Data
  • Lesson 9: Calculate Bounding Box
  • Lesson 10: Create Shapefile From Bounding Box
  • Lesson 11: Calculate the Histogram of a DEM File
  • Lesson 12: Reproject & Merge Shapefiles
  • Lesson 13: Export & Save Geometries to Text
  • Lesson 14: Calculate Shapefile Dimensions

About Your Instructor

Dimitris Bliziotis

Dimitris Bliziotis

GIS and Photogrammetry Expert

I am a Remote Sensing and a Surveying Engineer. I received my Diploma in the Department of Rural and Survey Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), where I also received my M.Sc. in the domain of Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing.

From the beginning of 2013 I am working as a GIS and Photogrammetry Expert in the private sector offering support and solutions in GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry applications. Also, from 2013 I am a Research Assistant in the Laboratory of Remote Sensing of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). I have actively participated in more than 10 funded European Commission and European Space Agency projects and I have more than 15 peer reviewed scientific publications in journals and conferences.

I have experience in the fields of the state of the art technologies in WebGIS, remote sensing, data processing, multispectral images, radar, big data, data mining and machine learning algorithms. My main areas of research are the automated procedures/classification algorithms for land cover/uses mapping. Some of the software tools I operate in common basis for geospatial applications are: ERDAS IMAGINE suite, QGIS, ESRI suite and Python.

What Will I Learn?

Handle I/O Processes

Spatial Analysis with Vector Data

Process Vector Data

Process & Analyze Raster Data

Perform Raster Algebra Algorithms

Learn Prototyping with GDAL, Numpy, OGR and Command Line


Windows/Linux Machine

Basic Computer Skills

Basic Python Knowledge

Basic Familiarity with Scripting

Basic GIS/Remote Sensing Knowledge

Willingness to Learn New Things & Experiment


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