TimeCaster™ is a unique geoservice solution that provides high fidelity AIS data with updates every 10 minutes. TimeCaster™ uses predictive information generating algorithms to make Automatic Identification System (AIS) data even more spatially and temporally accurate.

NEXTMap Link Planning

Using the geoservice NEXTMap Link Planning, customers can leverage the best available NEXTMap datasets to assess their point-to-point microwave and millimeter wave wireless products. With the increase in frequency and bandwidth in RF radio links, accurate elevation data sets with high spatial detail, global coverage, and excellent vertical accuracy are required. Intermap’s data provides a solid foundation for link planning as it is seamless, uniform, and void free. NEXTMap Link Planning allows you to quickly and efficiently identify obstructions penetrating the Fresnel zone or blocking the lines of sight between towers. Frequency settings can be controlled to allow antenna comparison for your wireless links. The online access takes the data management out of your hands and allows your focus to be on finding the right hardware and location for your customers.

NEXTMap Analytics - Value

The geoservice NEXTMap Analytics – Value provides precise information at any point in the world. Based upon highly accurate NEXTMap foundation data products, Value retrieves accurate information at a precise location. Value gives your business fast access to accurate information for your assets and analysis anywhere in the world without the need to manage and host data. The Service is available through our cloudeo NEXTMap Analytics web app.

NEXTMap Analytics - Profile

The geoservice NEXTMap Analytics – Profile provides quick and easy access to terrain profiles anywhere on the globe. Based on Intermap analytics and NEXTMap foundation data the profiles are highly accurate and reliable. Without the need to manage and host data, you can retrieve detailed terrain information anywhere in the world. Profile is available through our easy-to-use cloudeo NEXTMap Analytics web app. To always show you the highest accuracy profiles, the data with the highest resolution available for your area is automatically being selected. The Profile service is generated from highly accurate NEXTMap elevation models. It can be run over either a digital surface model (DSM) or digital terrain model (DTM) with features such as buildings and trees removed.


The cloudeo Workbench gives you pay-per-use access to a powerful virtual desktop configured for geoprocessing. You can connect through your browser and perform your remote sensing and GIS workflows with the same look and feel as in your current desktop environment. With cloudeo Workbench you can save time and costs and you can easily publish your results. It can be connected to data archives and comes with readily installed remote sensing and GIS software of your choice (QGIS, GAIA or ESA Sentinel Toolbox). You can use COTS software and a wide range of GeoData as a Service on a pay-per-use basis. You pay only for data, software and IT as long as you need them. If you want to use your own data or software, simply upload them into your private workspace and combine them with the offering on cloudeo Workbench.

GEO Premium

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