The ENVI image analysis software tutorial

The ENVI® image analysis software tutorial

Become an expert on ENVI® with this step-by-step video course!

Learn ENVI® with real multispectral datasets

Master one of the most advanced software in the field of Remote Sensing

With 80 minutes of step-by-step video tutorials you will become the Expert on ENVI! Enroll now!

As described by the official webpage of ENVI, Harris Geospatial: "ENVI image analysis software is used by GIS professionals, remote sensing scientists, and image analysts to extract meaningful information from imagery to make better decisions. ENVI can be deployed and accessed from the desktop, in the cloud, and on mobile devices, and can be customized through an API to meet specific project requirements."

ENVI® is designed to be used by anyone who relies on imagery and data to make decisions. It delivers expert-level results across the board, regardless of a user's prior experience with imagery.

ENVI® is a flexible solution that can be customized to meet specific project needs and can be deployed and accessed from the desktop, in the cloud, and on mobile devices. Fully integrated with ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server from Esri, users can access ENVI® tools directly within the Arc environment to add image analysis capabilities to their GIS models and applications.

ENVI® supports imagery from today’s newest and most popular satellite and airborne sensors, including multispectral, hyperspectral, panchromatic, LiDAR, infrared, thermal, radar, HDF5, full-motion video, LAZ, ASCII, and NET CDF-4. ENVI® includes a comprehensive suite of image analysis tools that allowing customers to access proven algorithms to quickly, easily, and accurately analyze imagery.

Grow your geospatial skills!

Learn how to process and analyse imagery!

In this step-by-step video tutorial you will learn all basic and advanced controls of both ENVI Classic and ENVI modern interface. 

Starting from ground zero, i.e. from how to open an image to how to perform classification, manipulate raster and vectors within the software. Always using real datasets and performing practical examples!


Open and Display Images in ENVI Classic


  • Lesson 1: Opening Image File FREE TRIAL
  • Lesson 2: Available Band List
  • Lesson 3: Display Grayscale Images FREE TRIAL

How to Visualize and Manipulate Images in ENVI Classic


  • Lesson 4: Visualization Manipulation Part 1
  • Lesson 5: Visualization Manipulation Part 2
  • Lesson 6: Image Bands Animation

Multiple Views in ENVI Classic


  • Lesson 7: Display RGB Images FREE TRIAL
  • Lesson 8: Display Natural and Pseudocolor Images
  • Lesson 9: Multiple Display Manipulation Part 1
  • Lesson 10: Multiple Display Manipulation Part 2

Basic Controls of ENVI Classic


  • Lesson 11: Cursor Location and Value Tool
  • Lesson 12: Pixel Locator
  • Lesson 13: Spectral Profile Part 1
  • Lesson 14: Spectral Profile Part 2
  • Lesson 15: Output Display to Image File

Advanced Controls of ENVI Classic


  • Lesson 16: Edit Header in ENVI Classic
  • Lesson 18: Mouse Buttons Description
  • Lesson 19: Contrast and Stretch
  • Lesson 20: Display Image Profiles
  • Lesson 21: Annotating the Image
  • Lesson 22: Adding Grid Lines

Regions Of Interest in ENVI Classic


  • Lesson 23: Regions of Interest Part 1
  • Lesson 24: Regions of Interest Part 2
  • Lesson 25: Scatter Plots and Regions of Interest
  • Lesson 26: Classifying an Image

Open and Display Images in ENVI modern interface


  • Lesson 27: Getting started with the ENVI modern interface
  • Lesson 28: Opening and Stretching an Image
  • Lesson 29: Loading and Displaying an Image

Multiple Views and Visualization in ENVI modern environment


  • Lesson 30: Opening and Linking Multiple Views
  • Lesson 31: Applying a color table
  • Lesson 32: Overlaying and working with vectors

Basic handling of Region Of Interest Tool in modern ENVI


  • Lesson 33: The ROI Tool in modern ENVI interface
  • Lesson 34: Create ROIs from Geometries
  • Lesson 35: Create ROIs from Pixels
  • Lesson 36: Grow ROIs from Neighbouring Pixels

Advanced handling of Region Of Interest Tool in modern ENVI


  • Lesson 37: Create ROIs from Band Thresholds
  • Lesson 38: Convert Vectors to ROIs
  • Lesson 39: Report the Area of ROIs
  • Lesson 40: Save and Export ROIs

Expert handling of Region Of Interest Tool in modern ENVI


  • Lesson 41: Compute Statistics from ROIs
  • Lesson 42: Create Buffer Zones from ROIs
  • Lesson 43: Subset Data from ROIs
  • Lesson 44: Merge ROIs
  • Lesson 45: Send ROIs to N-d Visualizer
  • Lesson 46: Compute ROI Seperability

Basic Scatter Plot handing in modern ENVI interface


  • Lesson 47: Create a Scatter Plot
  • Lesson 48: Scatter Plot Navigation Controls
  • Lesson 49: Interactively View Pixel Distribution by Class

Advanced Scatter Plot handling in modern ENVI interface


  • Lesson 50: Display Pixel Distribution with Density Slice
  • Lesson 51: Use ROIs with Scatter Plot
  • Lesson 52: Calculate the Mean Spectra
  • Lesson 53: Create a Spectral Profile
  • Lesson 54: Create and Manage Classes
  • Lesson 55: Export the Scatter Plot

What will you learn?

Basic ENVI data handling operations

Both interfaces, ENVI Classic and ENVI

Simple and Complex Multispectral Visualization

Region Of Interest Tool handling from simple to complex operations

Statistics, Region Growning, Scatter plots

Classification and post classification analysis

Any prerequisites?

ENVI software installed with a licence

A simple laptop or desktop computer to follow the course's steps

Basic knowledge of Earth Observation or GIS is optional

Student Profile?

Under/post graduate students

Master students and PhD candidates


Researchers and Academics

About Your Instructor



A group of Senior GIS and Remote Sensing Instructors

Inforest Research o.c. is stemming from a prolonged collaboration and team working dating back from 1999. It comprises from an interdisciplinary and multi-skill team of scientists, professionals and researchers that co-work and interact in a collaborative manner.

Geospatial imagery acquisition and analysis, software reselling and customization, services, consulting and training in passive and active remote sensing techniques and geoinformatics are core components of its business.

As a strategic partner of GEO University, Inforest besides its trainings with physical presence adds to our training portfolio with online courses for the software that resells and supports for the last two decades in the Hellenic speaking Countries.


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