Course Description

Introduction to UAV mapping is a simple but in-depth course for new professionals and amateur drone pilots that want to enter the world of aerial mapping and surveying. It covers all major aspects of the procedure, from selecting the right UAV for your needs, to learning the basic aspects of aerial software, and then executing your flights according to the spatial products you need to obtain from the field. The course will provide you with all the basic knowledge you will need, so that after completion you will be able to plan your own projects and produce excellent maps, DEMs and 3d models, as well as demonstrate some serious skills that are a must in the UAV industry nowadays.

Course curriculum

  1. 02
    • Lesson 2: The Drone Selection Process

  2. 03
    • Lesson 3: Flight Planning Software

    • Lesson 4: Ground Control Points

    • Lesson 5: Flight Preparations

  3. 04
    • Lesson 6: Executing the flight, flight procedures, fieldwork

    • Discussion with your personal virtual instructor

Text & media

  • Lesson 1-About the course. Introduction to UAV mapping (part 1) – Using drones to create 3d models, orthomosaics and digital elevation models from scratch. Syllabus and course goals.
  • Lesson 2-The Drone selection process – defining your goals, selecting the right UAV to use, specifications, pricing. Do it cost effectively.
  • Lesson 3-Flight planning software, adjust your needs, check your options. Learn what do the most common software provide in contrast to your needs.
  • Lesson 4-Ground control points, when do you need them? How do you use them? Learn how to produce and measure them.
  • Lesson 5-Flight preparations part 1: Safety measures, area inspection, plan from the office, calculate risk factors, fly safe and productively. Choosing altitude, image overlap, selecting relative and absolute accuracy.
  • Lesson 6 -Executing the flight, flight procedures, fieldwork. A simple example.

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What will you learn?

  • How to select the right UAV for performing professional mapping projects within your budget and needs

  • UAV flight software specifications and functionality

  • Planning, deploying and measuring ground control points (GCPs)

  • Air mapping mission and image specifications

  • Air mapping theory: Altitude, image overlap, GSD, relative and absolute accuracy

  • Professional mapping flight performance from the start to the end

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About your Instructor

I am a Geographer specialized in Geoinformatics and GIS and a certified professional UAV pilot and enthusiast. I received my degree in Geography from the university of the Aegean in 2004 and I obtained an MSc in Geoinformatics from the NTUA in 2009. Since then, I have been working at the private sector for more than 10 years as a GIS analyst for major technical companies in every part of the production process from field work up to team leading. I am also a professional UAV pilot licensed from the Greek civil aviation authority, specialized in aerial mapping. I am efficient in flying all types of professional (or not!) UAVs as well as working with Pix4d, Drone deploy and Agisoft photoscan software in order to produce orthomosaics and dense point clouds, DEMs and polygonal models which are my main research and professional interests at the moment. Among others, I frequently work with ArcGIS, AutoCAD map and QGIS and I follow a great passion for sharing aerial knowledge with anyone!

Panagiotis Gryllis

GIS Expert and certified professional UAV pilot