Here you can find all our remote sensing and earth observation related courses

Multispectral Earth Observation Applications using ESA Sentinel Application Platform

Learn Multispectral Earth Observation Applications using ESA's SNAP software and Sentinel-2 imagery

ESA Sentinel Application Platform Tutorial

This video course is a detailed walkthrough guide of the European Space Agency (ESA) Sentinels Application Platform (SNAP) software.

The ENVI® image analysis software tutorial

Master one of the most advanced software in the field of Remote Sensing. With 80 minutes of step-by-step video tutorials you will become the Expert on ENVI! Enroll now!

Learn to classify Landsat 8 data in QGIS

Satellite image processing is becoming more detailed. More and more companies use satellite images to gather data on weather, cities, the environment or even traffic. In the future we assume that this subject will becoming ever more interesting.

Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Processing with ENVI® Software

Become an Expert of ENVI® in Hyperspectral image processing with this step-by-step video course!

Learn Hyperspectral Remote Sensing from the Scratch

Understand primary concepts, methods and algorithms of imaging spectroscopy.

A Machine learning approach for Object Parameter Estimation and Discrimination Using Hyperspectral Data

The textbook you need to understand spectroscopy for Remote Sensing

The Network Based Method Spectral Unmixing Framework

The complete theoretical framework with experiments and results

Hyperspectral Thermal Image Unmixing

Learn how to spectrally unmix thermal images. Quickly understand spectral unmixing on thermal images

Hyperspectral Imaging Application: Oil Spill Mapping

The textbook you need to learn how to map, identify and quantify oil spills in marine ecosystems using Earth Observation

Glacier Mapping using Earth Observation Satellites

Learn how to map glaciers and snow cover with Sentinel-2 and SNAP

Overview of LiDAR; system variations, data interpretation & applications

Gain an in-depth understanding of LiDAR concepts, systems and algorithms

ERDAS Imagine Fast Track Online Training Course

Master lots of ERDAS Imagine operations, including Geometric correction and an overview of Spatial Modeler

Google Earth Engine for Remote Sensing and GIS applications

Become an Expert on GEE. Extend your GIS and EO processing to a planetary level!

Massive Earth Observation Data Processing with the Sentinel-Hub Platform

Create operational EO products and services. Learn how to process EO data in real-time on the cloud!

Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing with the EOS Platform

Learn how to use EOS Platform and listen to the pulse of the planet!

Earth Observation and GIS to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Learn how earth observation and GIS help realise United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Introduction to Remote Sensing

Questions answered to kick start your geospatial career

Introduction to UAV mapping

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