About the course

This is an introductory course that aims to familiarise the students with the applications and services that have been developed by the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) using the knowledge, data, software and infrastructure of the Greek Sentinel Mirror Site and the Beyond Ground Segment.

Initially the course includes an introduction to the HNSDMS and then we describe some of the capabilities that are available for students around the world to use a specialised cloud environment to kick start their carriers in Earth Observation.

Finally we present some of the services that NOA have developed over the years that are related to emergency situations like fires, floods and earthquakes.


The Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site is a web based system designed to provide EO data users with Search - Cataloguing - Sorting and Dissemination capabilities for the Sentinel products.

Data Offer Details

The data that HNSDMS offers to its users are products over the region of South & Southeastern Europe, Middle East & North Africa. The precise Area of Interest that offered products intersect with can be seen in the map below. The qualified product sets are published for both the Near Real Time and Non Time Critical production following the In-Orbit Commissioning Review of each satellite.

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Lesson 1: About Hellenic National Sentinel Data Mirror Site (HNSDMS)

    • Lesson 2: HNSDMS Infrastructure

    • Lesson 3: HNSDMS Usage Statistics

  • 02

    Cloud Environment for Satellite Image Processing

    • Lesson 4: The EO Toolkit Linux Image

    • Lesson 5: EO Toolkit VM creation procedure

  • 03

    Remote Sensing Services built on HNSDMS

    • Lesson 6: What infrastructure has been developed to deploy services?

    • Lesson 7: FireHub – Burn Scar Mapping

    • Lesson 8: Floods Hub

    • Lesson 9: GeoSynchronizer & GeoHub

    • Lesson 10: Agricultural monitoring applications


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About your Instructor

I'm a Remote Sensing and a Surveying Engineer. I received my degree from NTUA in 2010, where I also received my Ph.D. in hyperspectral remote sensing in 2016. From graduation in 2010, my career started as a Researcher Associate and Teaching Associate in the Laboratory of Remote Sensing of NTUA. From that time I also worked at several private companies as a Remote Sensing Expert and Geospatial Analyst. From the beginning of 2015 I was positioned as Senior Earth Observation Expert. During these years, I have participated in more than 20 funded European Commission and European Space Agency projects, have over 16 peer reviewed scientific publications in the field of Remote Sensing, and have an international patent in hyperspectral data compression.My main research and professional interests are in the optical remote sensing area, where I specialize in data (images, point measurements) processing and algorithm design and development. Some of the software tools that I operate to accomplish my research and business dreams are SNAP, ENVI, IDL, QGIS, ERDAS Imagine, ArcGIS, and Python. I have been working with these tools since 2008.

Dimitris Sykas

Remote Sensing Expert