Develop a greater understanding of electromagnetic radiation, how and why it is used in the space industry

This video course is a detailed walk through everything you need to understand the basics of electromagnetic radiation and it’s uses in the space industry.  

Electromagnetics and Radio Frequency engineering are often called the black art of engineering.  This is not really true, as there is no magic involved, but it is a subject that is often missed in engineering courses.  So, this is your guide to the basics that you need to know to start unraveling the mystery of electromagnetics!

You will be lead through the course by an industry professional and understand what electromagnetic radiation is made from and the key properties used in the space industry.  We will look at the important equations defining the properties of electromagnetic radiation.  The main uses of electromagnetic radiation in the space industry will be covered, and we will reveal the reason why Radio Frequency is the most common used frequency.

Have a look at the curriculum for a detailed overview of this course

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to electromagnetic radiation for the space industry

  • 02

    Key properties of electromagnetic radiation for the space industry

    • Lesson 2: Key properties of EM radiation

    • Lesson 3: What is electromagnetic radiation?

    • Lesson 4: Magnitude, phase and polarization

    • Lesson 5: Important Equations

    • Lesson 6: Conclusions of Chapter

  • 03

    Radio frequency for the space industry

    • Lesson 7: Radio frequency

    • Lesson 8: Communication with space and atmospheric absorption

    • Lesson 9: Radio Frequency uses in the space industry

    • Lesson 10: Conclusions of Chapter

  • 04

    Course Conclusions

    • Lesson 11: Course Conclusions

What will you learn?

  • What is electromagnetic radiation

  • The electromagnetic spectrum and uses

  • Properties of electromagnetic equations

  • Important equations to describe electromagnetic equations

  • How atmospheric absorption impacts the space industry

  • Sections of the RF and microwave spectrum used in the space industry

Any prerequisites?

  • This is an introductory course, so all you will need is a willingness to learn.

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Student Profile?

  • Under/post graduate students

  • Professionals and Companies

  • Master students and PhD candidates

  • Researchers and Academics

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About your Instructor

I am an antenna expert specialising in tracking radar design and test with both academic and industry experience in electromagnetics and antennas. For 9 years I was an antenna expert in a leading aerospace company designing and testing many antennas for products and research purposes. My undergraduate degree is in physics and astrophysics from the University of Sheffield. I have a masters in astrophysics from the University of Leeds and a PhD in antenna design and test from Queen Mary University of London. In addition I am a qualified teacher with a PGCE from the University of Cambridge and I have taught in schools, universities and companies. To back up my industry experience I have 11 peer reviewed papers, 1 patent and have given many talks at conferences and Universities worldwide. For further information on these have a look at my google scholar page: sdt=0%2C5&q=tamara+sheret&btnG= I am passionate about education and continuing your learning journey throughout your life. For 8 years I was responsible for getting apprentices and graduates up to speed in electromagnetics and antenna test and design for their placement in the antenna group - I know what people need to know about antennas to succeed in academia and industry.

Tamara Sheret

Antenna Expert

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