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About your Instructor

I have studied Geology and Geoenvironment at University of Athens and holds a Master's degree in Environmental Design of Infrastructure Works, specialized on assessment of landslides via geospatial methods and satellite data. Main objective of my scientific work is Applied Geographical Information Systems (Applied GIS) in various fields. I have been involved in many research projects related to GIS applications. Also I have been corporated with Hellenic Institute of Geological and Mineral Research (I.G.M.E.) in various projects related to GIS and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques. Moreover, I have trained members of I.G.M.E. and I.E.K.E.M T.E.E, engineers, geoscientists e.t.c in the field of Geographic Information Systems such as (Basic elements and presentation of advantages and basic elements for the layout of geographic data, topology and thematic cartography)

Pavlos Krassakis

Senior Geospatial Expert